Secure Your Vehicles To Prevent Theft

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Police Information Office

(PLTM) - Police Information Office - Press Release - Thursday, July 1, 2024

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force has noted a concerning increase in reports of missing vehicles, particularly those left unlocked overnight throughout the Road Town area. Alarmingly, some of these stolen vehicles have been subsequently used in the commission of other crimes, posing a significant threat to community safety.

The RVIPF strongly advises all residents to take the following precautions to help prevent vehicle theft:

1. Ensure that all doors and windows are securely locked whenever your vehicle is unattended, both day and night, significantly reducing the risk of theft.

2. If you leave your vehicle for someone else to collect, ensure they have a spare key or accompany you to retrieve it immediately. Do not leave keys inside the vehicle or in an easily accessible location.

3. Keep any valuable items out of sight, such as electronics, wallets, and personal belongings. Visible valuables can attract thieves and increase the likelihood of a break-in.

4. Stay alert for individuals loitering or acting suspiciously in or around parking lots. Your vigilance can help deter criminal activity and protect your property.

If you notice any suspicious activity or have information that could assist the police, please contact the RVIPF via the 311-access number. Your cooperation and proactive measures are vital in maintaining the safety and security of our community.

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