Police Complaint Filed Against Cindy Rosan-Jones Claims of 'Drug Meeting House'


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Updated 1:20 PM AST, Fri May 13, 2022

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Outspoken commentator Cindy Rosan-Jones.
(Photo Credit: Esther Durand/BVI Platinum News)

(PLTM) - The Royal Virgin Islands (RVIPF) has received an official complaint against outspoken commentator Cindy Rosan-Jones in connection with one of her many Facebook posts made following the arrest and detention of former Premier Andrew Fahie in Miami on charges of drug trafficking and money laundering.


BVI Platinum News has confirmed with several sources that the police have started preliminary investigations into the complaint against Rosan-Jones'. The complaint stems from allegations published by Rosan-Jones via social media that the former Premier allegedly used a prominent UK lawyer's home in the Virgin Islands for 'drug meetings'.

In the offending post, Rosan-Jones names the lawyer and also a photo of a house.

Rosan-Jones stated via social media on Thursday, May 12 that the police had taken possession of her phone.

"Royal Virgin Islands Police, If I go to bed without my phone tonight, I will turn up the BVI tomorrow on a different kind of level. You will not be able to handle the PR nightmare," Rosan-Jones stated.

She added, "It takes a lot to get me angry and I don't disrespect or encourage strained relationships with law enforcement. But you are on a thin line with me."


Fahie, 51, was arrested on Thursday, April 28, during a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration sting after accepting what he was told was $700,000 cash from undercover DEA agents and informants who posed as Mexican drug traffickers as payment to facilitate safe shipment of cocaine through the BVI to U.S ports.

A criminal complaint against Fahie stated that he met with an informant posing as a cartel member at a house in the BVI.


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