No Full Slate For PVIM As Yet

Ahreefa Bacchus, Journalist
December 05, 2018 5:45 pm AST
Photo Credit: BVI Platinum News
Even as they prepare to launch the party this Friday, December 7, the Ronnie Selton-led Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) does not yet have a full slate of candidates.

Founder of the party, Hon. Skelton made this admission today, December 5, during a press conference at his Skelton Lot, Fish Bay office.

When asked if he has his full slate of candidates for the upcoming elections, he replied, “No.”

Questioned as to whether or not Minister of Natural Resources and Labour, Hon. Kedrick Pickering was involved in the formation of the PVIM, and whether he has had discussions with him about his new party, Hon.. Skelton was very veiled in his response, saying that he would welcome him “with open arms.”

“Kedrick and I, we are political colleagues for the past 20 years…Dr. Pickering and I, we always have a lot of discussions and even since all of this has happened, we have been discussing the way forward. Whether or not he is ready to be with us is a question for Dr. Pickering to answer,” he stated.

Meanwhile, his fellow party member and current District Two Representative, Hon. Melvin Mitch Turnbull has confirmed that he will once again contest for the Second District seat.

“I will be contesting for the Second District in the next election under the PVIM banner,” he declared.

Turnbull also divulged that the PVIM has not yet appointed a party executive, saying, “There have been no elections. What we are trying to do is gather a group of people, which we have started, that are like-minded, that want to return to the grassroots, to the basics to serve then people.”

The PVIM will be going up against the ruling NDP, the Virgin Islands Party (VIP), and Hon. Julian Fraser’s Progressives United (PU).

So far, the VIP has publicly selected all of its candidates for the elections, while the NDP just has two candidates outstanding on its ticket.
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