Switching From Asphalt To Concrete

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October 08, 2018 7:28 am AST
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The government will now be repairing roads located in ‘flat’ areas using concrete, putting an end to the use of asphalt in those coastline areas, according to Hon. Mark Vanterpool, Minister for Communications and Works.

“We have some major works to be done. We are going to be switching from doing roads especially on the flat areas, on the coastline areas, from using asphalt to a major road programme of using concrete,” he disclosed last week.

Prior to the August floods and hurricanes in September of last year, residents have been complaining bitterly over the poor conditions of the roads and the many potholes. But post Irma, residents said roads, particularly on the western end of the island, remain undermined, impassable and the potholes are dangerous.

Recently, Opposition Member and Third District Representative, Hon. Julian Fraser stated that the roads in the Territory are in a deplorable condition, and that it is unacceptable that the lone asphalt plant in the Territory do not have asphalt for the critically needed repairs.

“Premier have you looked at our roads?...I have people in my district, they have roads there—they have holes deep enough to bury a child; and these are roads that they need to get to their places,” he lamented.

However, last week Minister Vanterpool said that some repairs have taken place.

“We are on the western end now. We were on Virgin Gorda with the Lee Road this past week, got some work done and we are going to continue to try to do that,” he said.

The Works Minister also assured that works will be done on the Purcell Estate and Free Bottom roads.

“We are planning do to that from concrete...Have them properly paved. It’s an area that heavy traffic passes, especially with trailers off the dock that have a lot of pounds in them. So, we have to do it properly so that it doesn’t break up and be damaged,” Minister Vanterpool explained.

Back in April, Minister Vanterpool said while he is cognizant that the roads require proper engineering, the government needs more money to allow for this to happen.

The Minister also lamented that the roads will not be able to be rebuilt under petty contracts.

Under the recovery programme there is $48-$50M allocated to help rebuild roads.
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The roads must be designed and constructed with the appropriate cross section to carry the heaviest wheel road that uses them, whether the riding surface is concrete or asphalt. Further, both types of surfaces need a strong, stable base and proper drainage to prevent/ minimize premature deterioration. .Concrete initial cost is higher but maintenance is cheaper; asphalt initial cost is cheaper but maintenance cost is higher. Concrete vs Asphalt is a matter of preference; designed, constructed and maintained properly both will meet the need.
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Great Idea. I think a four and a half inch concrete topped with a finished inch and a half asphalt for traction before the concrete completely dry to create a bond.
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#About Time
There are experts all over the world who could assist here. unfortunately bonding asphalt to concrete has proven to be difficulty due to expansion / contraction issues,like hot sun sudden down pour, read rapid temperature change. With a rather significant difference in expansion coefficients its haphazard at best... In areas of differential settlement, read, sandy vs.rocky vs. clay substrate or base 4-½ of concrete without proper rebar will not allow for more than a couple of bikes, certainly not a heavy concrete truck or worse without breaking this slab up in a matter of hours... PWD engineers know this but likely politicians do not allow then to build paper roads..just my 2 cents..
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how can you lay anything on still-uncured concrete? Why pay for 2 toppings when 1 will do?
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