Conditions At ESHS One Year Later

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September 14, 2018 6:52 am AST
One year after hurricane Irma ravaged the Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS) on Tortola, the appearance of all the buildings on campus still bear tremendous damage.

Hon. Myron Walwyn, Minister of Education and Culture had vowed that the L-Shaped building at the campus must be ready by this month when school reopens, but that tone has changed and a new timeframe of early 2019 is being projected.

All this as students are forced to continue classes on a shift system at the old Clarence Thomas Limited (CTL) building in Pasea Estate, which government is renting.

Following the 2017 storms, most of the buildings on the school campus were totally destroyed.

Volunteers have been making efforts to clean up sections of the campus, but parents and teachers believe that more needs to be done by the government, who they claim have their priorities mixed up, citing the amount of monies spent on festival this year.

Government is also being criticized for not at least starting the project.

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Premier and Finance Minister, Hon. Dr. D. Orlando Smith at a September 4 press conference, commented on the ESHS project.

“The immediate goal is to refurbish the 4-storey L-shaped building at the ESHS campus in order to facilitate return to full day school. My government is working diligently to get these works started through loan funding. The works will be put out to tender shortly, in anticipation of completion in early 2019,” he told reporters.

Earlier this week, Minister Walwyn asked for continued patience.

“Unfortunately, the shift system will continue a little longer at the secondary level as we work to get the L-shaped building at the ESHS campus completed, as well as the BFEC (Bregado Flax Educational Centre Secondary school on Virgin Gorda). I ask for your continued patience as we work through the details,” Hon. Walwyn stated.

Works at BFEC are also expected to be completed by early next year.
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government would rather talk about airport expansions than making sure we can educate the Children adequately for the future
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National disgrace.
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Yea and now we must make him the premier !!!hell no!!!
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Just Woke
So many debts, outstanding Loans and interest are eating up all of our Funds. We have no money do anything...
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Lord O
Total Disgrace.. This will never happen in any other country as poor as they are.. Medical and educational facilities always get first priority.. Poor Dominica Schools and medical facilities are already up and operating. . What is wrong with this place..?
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Poor Dominica doesnt have 3000 civil servants to pay despite losing revenues or pensions to people who never contributed to a pension scheme. When you want to talk please talk all. Our biggest problem is the govt spending almost half its annual revenues on the same people who are quick to complain about things not going well. How ironic?
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You might think other country are poor but they are not they know how to get things done the government in BVI only think about themselves
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The Hooded Claw
I agree that the schools should already be repaired. But folks this is the real world. Things don't always work at the pace we want. Are all the schools opened in our neighbouring USVI? They have access to federal grant and still many schools not repaired after one year. I'm sure government is doing their utmost to repair these institutions. Let's exercise a little patience.
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Poor Dominica???? Very rude comment! Poor in what way? money? Cause that is all it HAD here!!! No national pride, no respect for persons in authority, no law, no rules!!! Please!!! Even if Dominica "poor" as you say, the people will never go hungry!! That's the riches of a nation!
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