VG Airport Reopening Next Month

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September 12, 2018 11:33 am AST
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The Taddy Bay airport on Virgin Gorda will reopen on Monday, October 29, government said in a press release.

Managing Director, BVI Airports Authority, Mr. Denniston S. Fraser said, “We continue to work diligently towards the reopening of the revamped facilities of the Taddy Bay Airport, barring any unforeseen adverse circumstances or conditions.”

Mr. Fraser added, “The rapid, fire-fighting, intervention vehicle that was purchased to replace the old vehicle has already been refurbished to meet the regulatory requirements and is on its way to the British Virgin Islands.”

The BVI Airports Authority is also arranging for the resurfacing of the runway and for the construction of a station to house the said vehicle in preparation for the opening of the airport.

Mr. Fraser further said, “We will continue to keep the public apprised of the continuing developments at the Taddy Bay Airport and a further update will be given, if necessary.”

The BVI Airports Authority stated that it apologises for any inconvenience caused due to the closure of the Taddy Bay Airport and thanks the public for their continued patience as they seek to ensure that safety is maintained at all times.
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