Man Accused Of Threatening Police, Stunting On Smuggled Bike

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August 27, 2018 12:30 pm AST
Officers of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force.
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Ashemba Frett who allegedly threatened to shoot a police officer while being arrested for having an alleged illegal motor cycle was placed on $30,000 bail with one surety. The bail was granted when he appeared before Magistrate Hakim Creque today, August 27 to face the five charges that were laid against him.

Frett was charged with Reckless Driving, Threatening Languages, Resisting Arrest, Driving Without A Driver’s License; and Being Involved in Smuggling. He pleaded not guilty on all charges except the smuggling matter.

The court heard that on February 2, 2017 at around 7:00pm the accused was riding a motor cycle. It was said that he was observed revving, swerving from left to right, screeching and “burning tires” on the Long Bush public road.

During the display it was said that officers from the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, who were on routine patrol saw the accused. The officers are said to have approached the accused and enquired about the motor cycle.

The court heard that the accused was told by the officers that the motor cycle appeared to be one that is not legal to be in the Territory, and therefore he was going to be arrested on suspicion of smuggling.

It was noted that as the officer attempted to arrest Frett he resisted. The court heard that Frett became violent and was shouting. In response officers used a taser on the accused. The court heard that after being tazered Frett said: “If you taze me again I will shoot you.” He was later arrested.

The court heard that Frett in an audio and video interview admitted that the motor cycle was over the 125CC limit and that he didn’t have a license. However, he said that the bike did not belong to him and he did not use threatening language.

Trial was set for October 23.
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