Wartsilla Generators Surpassing Expectations

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August 10, 2018 8:46 am AST
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The Wartsilla generators that were installed as part of the Phase V BVI Electricity Corporation expansion project are being praised for surpassing expectations.

Following hurricane Irma, the Territory was without electricity for a number of weeks as the BVIEC and visiting electrical organizations worked feverishly to restore power top the BVI. The situation was compounded by the fact that the lines were knocked down and the power stations sustained damages.

Leroy Abraham, the General Manager of BVI Electricity Corporation told the media during a press conference on July 25 that the generators from the Phase V project that was completed mid 2017 were essential in reconnecting the Territory’s power supply following the devastating hurricanes last year.

He announced, “They are holding up very well…The corporation is very proud of the fact that we were able to finalize that project on time and under budget. That extension that was commissioned in May is in actuality what was significant in all of us having electricity following the hurricanes; and still is the same thing today based on our reduction in load demand. That extension is what provides all of the power right now for the Territory.”

The BVIEC Phase V project included the installation of three new engines, which now generate a total of 26.7MW of power to the central BVI grid.

Phase V includes the installation of two 34.5 KV transmission cables from Pockwood Pond to Long Bush, plus the installation of three diesel-fired Wartsilla generators. The project enabled connection between the Pockwood Pond Power Station and the facility in Long Bush, using an alternate route via the Paul Wattley Drive.
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