Don’t Take White Envelopes--Pastor Pleads In Emancipation Message

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August 08, 2018 8:26 am AST
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Chair of the Heritage Month Committee, and Senior Pastor of the Cane Garden Bay Baptist Church, Rev. Dr. Melvin Turnbull has issued a warning about accepting white envelopes from people seeking power.

The Pastor, who was speaking at Sunday’s Emancipation Service, alluded to the rumored passing of white envelopes, particularly at election time. He also announced that campaigning for the next elections has somewhat commenced and that residents should pray for discernment.

“As we are all aware, the rhetoric has already started and the question is who is telling the truth; only discernment can let you know,” Rev. Turnbull declared.

The Chair of the Heritage Month Committee warned about the lust for power and said that he is concerned about those who play into the hands of the spiritual enemy, driven by the love of power, other than the power of love.

“Using people to get things, rather than using things to help people. Having a dangerous religious spirit without righteousness,” the Pastor lamented.

In further urging residents to be cognizant of the leaders they choose, Rev. Turnbull implored citizens to seek a spirit of discernment, so that they may make correct decisions.

“Discernment is critical. It is the difference between being paranoid or...Between being hot or cold…A hand up or a hand out,” he said.

As he stressed the point about power, the Pastor also stated, “It matters who you follow, because the spirit of the leader is transferred to the follower; be careful who you take money from and for what, it might just be your enslavement.”

“The next time you are offered and about to take that envelope, remember it’s to control the spirit. You deserve better…discernment will cause you to walk away,” he said.

While further criticizing power seekers, the Chair of the Heritage Month Committee said, “You already know that I am weary of people who use the law of power to manipulate, to create a deception where people are made to believe that they are doing them a favor, when in fact we have a responsibility to do so.”

“It is time to tell our leaders, whether it be politicians or preachers, that we can see through it all and will not fall for it anymore,” he added.
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