Customs Duty Exemption Period Further Extended

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August 07, 2018 9:03 am AST
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Government announced that the Customs Duty exemption period has been extended until August 31 and September 30, for two categories of importers.

The new list of items classified as exempted are building materials, electrical fixtures and materials, plumbing fixtures and materials, household furniture, furnishings and appliances, and marine engines.

Government explained that , importers who successfully purchased goods overseas before March 31 but were unable to have them delivered to the Virgin Islands before June 30 will continue to be eligible for 100% duty-free tax exemption until August 31, 2018.

The Administration is also giving consideration to persons who, because of late insurance settlement or for one reason or the other have not been able to have their reconstruction goods imported.

The Commissioner of Customs has also issued a Notice of Customs Duties Remission pursuant to Section 84 of the Customs Management and Duties Act which allows importers who purchased goods after March 31 to also qualify for a tax exemption on the importation of goods until September 30.

To qualify, importers must submit an application, on the form approved by the Commissioner of Customs, requesting a remission of the relevant customs duties, together with all the supporting documentation.

Such importers must prove to the satisfaction of the Commissioner that they suffered loss and/or damage as a result of the 2017 hurricanes.

The Customs Duty exemption was first introduced by Government following the considerable damage to the Territory as a result of the September 2017 hurricanes which impacted the Virgin Islands. It allowed individuals who sustained damages to import a number of items duty free as part of the relief and recovery efforts.
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