Suspected Armed Robbers Captured, Beaten

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August 04, 2018 8:04 pm AST
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While most of the BVI is enjoying the festival activities, two suspected armed robbers had other plans.

However, their plans were foiled when they were confronted by the sons of the owner of a business in East End, leaving one with a broken foot, late on Saturday afternoon, August 4.

According to information, the two men targeted the famous Chalwell Marina at the East End harbor, but one of the owner's sons reportedly spotted them and raised an alarm.

His sibling reportedly got into a rental and pursued one of the robbers until he fell, injuring his foot, while the other robber was caught inside the business where he reportedly received a beating from public spirited persons.

Police were immediately called and they came to the scene.

A video circulated shows one of the injured robbers. His injuries were visible and he had what appeared to be a handgun in his hand.

Images of the men, who are said to be both locals, are also being circulated.

Police are still on the scene.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.
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I think that these men fingerprints should be checked for all recent crimes and murders Congrats to the heroes of this unfortunate event!
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Lord O
Hmmm. 98 days for the robber, 1 day for the owner, one day for the law. Great Job by these good citizen....
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Those alleged robber men were dressed as mechanics?
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It is wonderful to see all these brave men standing up to these theives. As women we do our best but when more men of integrity and bravery rise up, this country will move to a new level.
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