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June 15, 2018 8:28 am AST
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CIBC FirstCaribbean is helping the Virgin Islands Softball-Baseball Association (VISBA) make headway with its recovery efforts, following the extensive damage caused by the August 2017 floods and Hurricanes Irma and Maria last September.

The bank said that the donation of $1,000 will help fund the budget for rebuilding the E. Walwyn Brewley Softball Park and the acquisition of a pitching machine, softball and baseball balls, gloves, and batting tees.

“As a community bank we encourage initiatives that promote health and wellness as well as national programmes that engage, educate and develop the youth of the Territory,” said Mr. Nelson Ramirez, Sales Specialist, Retail Banking, CIBC FirstCaribbean.

He continued, “The Virgin Islands Softball-Baseball Association combines all of those mandates and since the bank previously supported them with the purchase of team equipment, it seems fitting that we should support them in their efforts to bring the sport back to the status it enjoyed before the 2017 floods and storms.”

The Virgin Islands Softball-Baseball Association (VISBA), formerly known as the British Virgin Islands Amateur Softball Association, was formed in 1952 to encourage, develop and control the sport in the Territory. As one of the oldest established sports in the VI, softball is considered to be one of the Territory’s national sports and is played throughout all segments of the community with national teams representing the VI at regional competitions abroad.

“It is the association’s intended purpose to enable persons throughout the community to acquire technical skills, experience ideal sportsmanship and develop a strong sense of community and national pride,” said Mr. Terrence Chinnery, President of VISBA.

Chinnery added, “We rely on the support of the community’s private sector businesses such as CIBC FirstCaribbean as well as affiliates and friends to help us restore the softball-baseball grounds and facilities and replace the equipment that was damaged or lost last summer.”
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