Cox Heath Fire: Medical Team Deployed

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May 12, 2018 9:09 am AST
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The community is being asked to remain vigilant with regards to the danger posed by smoke in the area of the Cox Heath dump site fire on the western end of the island.

To this end, Deputy Governor David Archer announced that beginning today, May 12, medical personnel will be deployed to surrounding areas to provide medical assistance if needed.

"Only authorised personnel are permitted on the site and persons assigned to work in the area (dump site) are required to wear protective respiratory aid," Archer said.

He stated that, if you reside in an area impacted by the smoke, it is advised that you limit outdoor activities to avoid unnecessary exposure. If you are experiencing any respiratory issues please contact your physician or Peebles Hospital at 852 7500.

"As a precautionary measure, commencing Saturday, 12 May 2018, Community Nurses and Environmental Health Officers will be visiting the homes of persons in the Cox Heath, Pockwood Pond, West End, Capoon’s Bay and surrounding areas to assess the level of impact and to render medical assistance and/or advice," the Deputy Governor said.

He also said that the fire continues to be contained which means that the threat of the fire spreading has been eliminated at this time.

Additional equipment to pump 1000 gallons of seawater per minute directly to the site to completely extinguish the core of the fire is also being deployed.
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Watching On
They came, brought NO mask or no simple advice like ,drink plenty of liquids to flush the system....!!!!
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People are moving out but most have no options. We need the NEOC to be giving daily advisories right now, coordinating for the various departments so affected people know the real health risks and can make plans,. It has been nearly a week since the fire started and the smoke is getting worse so this isn’t time for the news story to be dropped. Doctor told me yesterday that I had to move. I start in East End last night and didn’t cough through the night. This is a real health emergency. Emergency requires rapid action and communication.
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Stop The Burn
We are hurting here in St..Thomas. sore throats, tight chest, raw eyes. Nothing being done here to assist.
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Please hurry come to Zion Hill. Can't leave the windows open to catch fresh air in the night. The scent of the smoke is terrible.
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Is This The REMEDY
This is CRAZY!!! ALLOWING this to BURN. What can the nurses Do? The SMOKE is KILLING people in West End!! The FIRE needs to be EXTINGUISHED not allowed to BURN. That is STUPIDNESS!!!
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Guess What?
This is a huge problem. There are highly toxic materials in the combustion - Computers, Batteries, fridge and freezer compressors etc. The fire crew should wear oxygen masks. Residents in the area should be evacuated immediately.
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