Harriet Skelton Compliance Scholarship Launched

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May 11, 2018 8:02 am AST
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The British Virgin Islands Association of Compliance Officers (ACO) launched The Harriet Skelton Compliance Scholarship.

The launch took place at the ACO third annual compliance conference held under the theme: Compliance Officer – A Company’s Regulatory Intelligence, held recently.

“During the conference the ACO was pleased to announce the creation of The Harriet Skelton Compliance Scholarship,” the ACO said.

It was explained that the purpose of the scholarship is to provide funding to eligible candidates to pursue a Diploma with the International Compliance Association at the Financial Services Institute, HLSCC.

Mr. Nigel Williams was the first recipient.

ACO said that the highly attended conference featured local and international subject matter experts speaking on various topics such as cryptocurrencies, sanctions and compliance audits.
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Good Stuff
That’s a really nice gesture to recognize Mrs Skelton for her hard work and dedication to compliance in the BVI. Congratulations and wish you all the best Mr. Williams.
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Dr. O
This is excellent news. I am proud of my former student who was always diligent, hard working and of course very brilliant. This is most certainly a fitting and beautiful way to keep her in our minds. Her excellent performance and superior intellectual ability led me to give her the name, "My bright spark".
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Go bingy!
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