Let’s Work Together For Good Of BVI—Walwyn Pleads

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March 13, 2018 7:03 am AST
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Education Minister, Hon. Myron Walwyn is pleading with his colleagues to work together for the good of the BVI, as they seek to rebuild a stronger Territory for future generations.

The At-Large Representative used the style of the late Chief Minister, Hon. Hamilton Lavity Stoutt, to drive home his point.

“H.L. was a consumate politician who dearly loved his country. He had as Kenneth Williams put it — a “sweet mouth.” Any of us who knew H.L. knew that this was so. He could get you to do whatever he wanted you to do in the interest of the country,” the Minister said.

He recalled being told by Hon. Oliver Cills, that H.L. Stoutt used to kill him with so much kindness and love that he left his position as leader of the opposition and crossed the floor to join H.L. Stoutt.

“Now I am in no way advocating that any member of the HOA should cross the floor; what I am advocating is that we should follow the example set by H.L. and work together in the interest of the country, particularly at this vulnerable time,” Hon. Walwyn said.

The Minister added, “As we continue on our path towards recovery, may we be guided by the principles and lessons that H.L would have taught us – asking ourselves—what would H Lavity Stoutt do? Right here! Right now.”
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