Why The Rush? Christopher Concerned

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January 10, 2018 7:44 am AST
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Backbencher, Hon. Delores Christopher has cautioned her government against rushing with the recovery process, which she believes will backfire.

The Fifth District Representative said that if the government is deep in loans, then it will not be in a position to help the people.

The National Democratic Party (NDP) administration initially needs $721M to allow for restoration of the Territory over the next five years. Following hurricanes Irma and Maria, the Territory suffered some $3.6 billion in damage.

“We cannot just take things for granted because we will come to the point where more people will lose their homes when they cannot meet those mortgage payments, and the government ain’t going to be of no help to them because the government chalk up with loans,” she recently lamented.

She added, “I believe we can take our time and rebuild our country. We are not going to be a piece worse off than the road we have travelled already; and we are going to be better off because we are going to pay attention, knowing yes a storm might come, we put aside something for a rainy day.”

The government will need millions in loans and grants to facilitate the recovery of the Territory.

Hon. Christopher said that they must not put themselves in a position where others dictate how to handle this process.

“…To take what we have and deal with it how they want to, I have a serious problem with that kind of thinking, and as a government, I will always say exactly what I see because that is what my people are depending on me to do; speak when you have to be honest with yourself, it’s my commitment.”

She further emphasized the struggles of the people.

“People have children abroad at school; they have mortgages; loans to pay; but I am saying again if the government itself is no help and we don’t have a few wealthy ones among us on whose doorsteps we can sit and call, then we are going to have a problem,” she stated.

The Fifth District Representative continued, “But this has been the strength of the BVI as a people. When one ain’t have, the other one help out; that is how we live and it should remain that way.”

Another government backbencher, Hon. Melvin Mitch Turnbull, Second District Representative, has also raised concerns over the fast pace at which government is going to rush through the recovery.
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