Christmas Curfew? Another Extension Imposed

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December 04, 2017 7:39 am AST
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The government is serious about its position on having the curfew remain in place for a little longer. The curfew from 11:00 pm until 6:00 am has been extended from December 1 until December 14.

It is unclear if government will revisit the curfew before the Christmas holidays, with Premier and Finance Minister, Hon. Dr. D. Orlando Smith indicating recently that in spite of the scale of devastation, recovery has proceeded steadily since moving out of the initial crisis response.

The instrument was made under the new Curfew Law by Acting Governor, Mrs. Rosalie Adams on November 30.

Neighboring US Virgin Islands’ Governor, Kenneth Mapp has already lifted that islands’ curfew following the hurricanes.

There have been growing complaints over the curfew as bars and other social gathering spots try to operate during the evenings. These concerns have led to the curfew being relaxed, but some residents are calling for it to be lifted, while there are others who wants the curfew to start earlier than 11:00 pm.

There have been incidents of robbery, and a week ago, the double murder in West End, all of which have occurred before the curfew kicked in.

Further, there have also been gun and drug confiscations by police during curfew hours while they were on patrol.

Opposition Leader, Hon. Andrew Fahie supports those persons who call for the curfew hours to start earlier, since many places are still without electricity.

Premier Smith has however stated that the curfew was put in place to also deal with the issue of looting and other illegal activities. He said that the fact that electricity is not yet fully restored across the islands, the curfew will remain in effect.

Governor Gus Jaspert has stated that they must also balance the need for business operations, to ensure that they keep communities reassured of their safety and to allow essential roadworks to be carried out overnight.
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