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November 14, 2017 9:17 am AST
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Motorists are being urged to exercise more patience with the many dangerous and dilapidated roads across the Territory. This call came from Hon. Mark Vanterpool, Minister of Communications and Works.

The Minister said that the government is doing all it can to pave the roads.

“I would like to encourage the public to exercise due care and attention, and yes, more patience as you drive along the roads. I know it has been tough, but I reassure you that our government is trying its best to improve the situation,” he said during the House of Assembly sitting yesterday, November 13.

He continued, “I have seen and experienced the terrible state of our roads myself since the storms and I have also heard the cries and criticisms of members of the public.”

The Works Minister explained that during Hurricane Irma, both asphalt plants sustained significant damage. The government-owned plant is non-functional and the privately-owned BVI Paving Company Limited’s plant is currently under repair.

He said that recognizing the urgency of getting on with the repairs to roads, the Public Works Department (PWD) is seeking to purchase or lease an asphalt plant as soon as possible.

“We have confirmation from BVI Paving that their plant will be repaired to a condition that will allow for much needed resurfacing or patching of major roadways during this coming week through to December. They have also advised that a new asphalt plant will be here in January 2018,” he outlined.

Minister Vanterpool said that with these plants, it is their expectation that an aggressive road paving programme will continue in 2018.

“In the meantime, the Public Works Department will increase its efforts to ensure that the roads on all of our islands are safer for the traveling public.”

The Minister believes that this situation has provided an opportunity for engineers to witness water flows on the ground and coupled with the results of the recent Hydrology Study, there is added value.

“Now, we can tweak the study to come up with a more sustainable design for our road network,” he said.
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