Sisters—Different Ages, Same Birthday

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November 13, 2017 7:37 am AST
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Chereez Frett and her partner, Dion Thomas, now have three good reasons to celebrate November 8. All three of their daughters, Dion (18), D'Nia (17) and baby D'Ori (a few days old) were born on that day.

Chereez swore she never planned her pregnancies and is just as surprised by the phenomenon as everyone else around her.

She found out she was pregnant with D'Nia when Dion was only a few months old. When the doctors gave her the same due date as the first child, Chereez thought it was mere coincidence, and never gave much thought to the idea that she could have two children with the same birthday.

"We didn't think it was goning to happen of course. So I went through the pregnancy and to my surprise, I was baking a cake for Dion's birthday and I went into labour," Chereez explained, as Dion and D'Nia smiled at the story.

Some 17 years later, Chereez was again surprised by another pregnancy, and was given November 8 as the due date for baby D'Ori.

Though she didn't have a natural birth, she ended up doing the c-section on November 8.

"I feel blessed, shocked, amazed and grateful," Chereez said as she held baby D'Ori.

She also pointed out that the girls each have four-letter first names.

For her, birthdays were always easy to plan, but she was always mindful that each daughter was unique and needed a special gift.

"I always tried to pull one aside and plan something special for the other. I would say to Dion, 'let's do something special for D'Nia'. It didn't always work, but that's what I did. Now I will have to do that with the three of them," Chereez explained.

As their mother makes plans for future birthdays, the daughters are busy swooning over their baby sister and are already looking at programs she can enroll in when she gets older.

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D'Nia, the second daughter, shared that she is excited to have a younger sibling and always asked her mother for one in the past.

However the eldest daughter, Dion, wasn't too keen on having a baby sister who is 18 years younger, admitting that she first frowned at the thought when she learned of her mother's pregnancy.

"At first I felt weird about it, but when she came I was so excited. I just can't wait for her to get older and get to know me and we could have a connection, and I could teach her to do stuff. Yea, I just can't wait," Dion said.
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