Police Grant Looters Bail; Photos Released

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October 28, 2017 1:44 pm AST
Photo Credit: RVIPF
Three more persons charged in connection with looting were placed on police bail, awaiting their court appearance next month for the offence of theft.

The photos of the individuals, who police named last week, were also released in a press release issued on Friday, October 27.

Royanson Harrington, 26, of Purcell Estate and Allister Stoddard, of Sophie Bay, were charged in connection with the theft of vehicles from International Motors.

Harrington was charged with theft, driving an uninsured vehicle, driving an unlicensed vehicle and driving without a license.

Stoddard was charged with taking conveyance and failing to stop upon order.

Both are scheduled to appear before the Magistrate’s Court on November 24.

In addition, Melvin Herbert of Fishlock Road was also charged with theft, after a search warrant uncovered auto parts also taken from International Motors. He was granted police bail for his appearance in Magistrate’s Court, also on November 24.

The car dealership on Pickering Street had reported three vehicles and a number of items stolen from the premises in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Two of the vehicles have since been recovered.

Prior to their arrests, seven persons appeared before Magistrate’s Court late September, charged with burglarising BVI Communications in Purcell Estate after they were caught attempting to loot the premises.

The public is encouraged to continue to send videos or photographs of those caught in the act of looting to the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force Intelligence Unit.

Business owners that have captured looters on their business premises on closed-circuit security cameras are also asked to contact the Intelligence Unit at Royal Virgin Islands Police for collection.

The RVIPF can be reached at 344-1818; 344 1822; 344 1977; 545-4866; 468-9001 and 468-9000.
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