Looting Not In Our Heritage--Christian

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October 11, 2017 6:24 am AST
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Several persons leaving the Territory are attempting to slip through Customs with items stolen from various businesses, which were looted immediately following the passage of Hurricane Irma.

Territorial At-Large Representative, Hon. Archibald Christian, who made the claim, said that it is not in our heritage to loot.

"This part angers us. This is not who we are as a BVI people; the looting is not in our culture, it's not in our heritage," he lamented.

Hon. Christian, who is also the Junior Minister for Tourism, continued, "We have persons leaving the Territory and cannot account for items in their luggage. There is no receipt how they acquired what they have—brand new items."

The government member mentioned an incident involving a 20-foot container at Port Purcell.

"Then I heard yesterday (October 4) of a container at Port Purcell, a 20-foot container going to a particular destination, full of appliances and all sorts of goods, and the person could not tell Customs how they acquired these items."

A visibly upset Hon. Christian said, "This country has looked after thousands and thousands of persons, including us the tax payers, and we now find it convenient to rob, steal and in some instances destroy it?"

Hon. Archibald Christian, Junior Minister of Tourism
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Hon. Ronnie Skelton, Minister of Health and Social Development spoke of his experience, where he sought to confront some of the looters. He said that these persons should leave the country.

"I saw people breaking into stores…a lot of people. I understand there were also police officers doing this…"

He said, "We need to find these people, if there are pictures and we need to get them out of our country. If you know me and you are my friend, just leave. It makes no sense you come to me for help and ask me to stay in my country when you did what you did."

With a nudge from one of his colleagues, Minister Skelton clarified that he did not meant to imply that only expats looted. He said as a matter of fact, some locals were also involved.
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