More Back Up Security Arrives

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October 10, 2017 1:18 pm AST
Commissioner of Police expressed his gratitude to officers from the Bermuda Police Service for their support at the Terrance B. Lettsome Intl. Airport on Saturday.
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The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force swore in a second set of armed officers from the Bermuda Police Service over the weekend, following the departure of the first set on Saturday.

The set of six began their three-week tour of duty of providing security and reassurance patrols.

Commissioner of Police, Mr. Michael Matthews said that this is a critical time when the local force is still responding to events beyond normal police requirements.

"...These additional officers, working along the RVIPF, Royal Cayman Islands officers and British police officers, form a contingent that are here for a short period," he said.

He added, "...But are here to make sure we can return the territory to a normal state of policing and normal level of order."

The RVIPF continues to receive support from Cayman Islands, Bermuda and the U..K. in providing reassurance to our communities and maintaining law and order in the Territory.
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