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September 22, 2017 7:23 pm AST
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In a statement issued this evening, September 22, Deputy Premier, Dr. Kedrick Pickering announced that the curfew that has been implemented since Hurricane Irma devastated the Territory on September 6, has been amended.

The curfew will now be implemented from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. daily.

Dr. Pickering was at the time providing an update on behalf of His Excellency, Governor Augustus Jaspert and Premier, Dr. Hon. D. Orlando Smith.

Full Statement

Good evening one and all, this is the Deputy Premier, Dr. Kedrick Pickering providing you with a brief update on behalf of His Excellency, Governor of the Virgin Islands, Augustus Jaspert and Premier, Dr. The Honourable D. Orlando Smith, who are both attending to other duties, at this time.

As the Governor indicated this morning, the State of Emergency has been extended for up to two weeks.

In light of the substantial progress on security, relief and recovery efforts across the Territory, the Premier, Ministers of Cabinet and the Governor, have agreed to amend the curfew effective Friday, September 22nd.

The curfew will now be implemented from 8:00p.m. to 6a.m. daily.

We urge you to adhere to this as we continue our relief and recovery efforts.

Thank You
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Ok. Fine.. 6am to 8pm Curfew sounds good from THursday to Tuesday.. We make Wednesday all day a Curfew day.. These utility workers need some freedom and day light to help get the country back.. I was giving my friend a Joke " I saw 1000 car on the road and less than 50 people walking and its a small island with a small small city...Why?
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Lord 0.
I think Cabinet out voted the Governor and the Premier on this one.. How would utility workers Manuver through all thia traffic to get their work done quickly and effectively..The Governor and Prwmier aint for this new adjustment thats why the deputy did the Job..The Governor needs to lead in a disaster process go through the window and on the ground reality take over...
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Wicked Church
Here again the Churches win...People want to go to church.. These Churches are selfish choosing greed anf personal belief over national interest... First they dont want Casinoes it will put a curse on the BVI.. We dont have Casino look what we get a bad bad beaten..Casino is good for national development..Now they dont need the Curfew..They Curfew is good.. Its a national interest..Give utility workers some day light...This Christian thing got the place curse n sinking. Anything that fake is bad
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I think having the Curfew 7pm to 7am was a better choice...The 6pm to 9am was a bit too much... With no lights in the BVI Darkness should meet people in their houses...
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