Some Residents Rushing To Evacuate

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September 13, 2017 8:17 am AST
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Exactly one week since the BVI was hit by monster storm Irma, leaving it in devastation, several residents are still looking for means to evacuate the island, and return to their homeland.

The BVI's workforce is made up of over 60 percent of expatriates.

Persons have lined the airport, hoping to get on a plane, while some countries have chartered planes to help evacuate some of its citizens.

"There are roughly 500 Filipinos on the ground and roughly 100 children, mothers and pregnant women, who are requesting to be evacuated. The rest would like to stay and help rebuild the BVI, but are in need of food and water supplies," Alyssa Christoph said on a public forum.

"I want to get my family out of Tortola, especially the children! Is there a plane organized to get to Dominica? Need that information asap," an individual posted last evening, September 12.

The move by some to leave at this time has been met with criticism by locals, who believe that the first thing should not be to run, but stay and help rebuild.

However, persons through social media have defended their move, noting that there are pregnant women, children and even sick persons, who would not be of much help to the rebuilding efforts at this time, but rather be a burden to the already strained situation.

Some American and UK tourists have also been stranded in the BVI. The United States and United Kingdom have however been making arrangements to get its citizens out of the BVI.

Other Caribbean nationals have also received help from their governments, and those who are yet to receive help have meetings planned to get adequate information to their respective government.

Meanwhile, the Department of Disaster Management (DDM) has stated that all ports are open for air and sea access, but the Government accepts no liability for travelers.

"Those who choose to travel, must be self-sufficient and do so at their own risk. Priority is being given to military goods and technical expertise. No provisions have yet been made to accommodate commercial flights," DDM stated.

Commercial flights have not commenced at the airport, but Hon. Mark Vanterpool, Minister of Communications and Works told BVI Platinum News that they can start sometime this week.

Persons are being told to visit BVI Hurricane Irma - Evacuation Options via Facebook, if they wish to evacuate the island.
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Skilled Workers
Skilled workers are finding out that if they leave, they might be rejected upon return. Sensible move but stop 'I born here' if you can use a hammer. If you want skilled workers to stay, offer them a place to live. Their apartments are gone. They sleep in open air. They have no money on island. Some have not been paid in weeks. Crisis time ..even worse. Allow people to go back. Recuperate. And come back with their own relief supplies to start helping without fear of rejection on return.
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This is funny how the Expats getting bashed when we were constantly told to "go back where we come from" but I wonder how many locals carrying that blue passport have already left or planning to????
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Those who want to know about going to the Dominican Republic need to find out from their country. The US and UK are making arrangements to get their people out. Dominican Republic should do the same fir those who want to leave.
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Notice who are rushing out. Once the BVI bounces back they will return to take over once again and treat those of us who remain like dogs. The bvi was once nothing more than a bird sanctuary and it came thus far and will again.
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Opportunistic.....I was born and raised in the B.V.I over 50 years ago. Bird sanctuary ? you are most certainly not a BVIslander because you have no idea what you are talking about lol
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