Getting The Word Out Via Mobile Public Announcements

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September 12, 2017 8:53 am AST
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The issue of communication has been one of the major issues facing the Territory, following the passage of Hurricane Irma. To this end, Premier Hon. Dr. D. Orlando Smith said that in the interim, the government will be using mobile public announcements to help get information to residents.

"The government will also be using mobile public awareness to get messages throughout the communities.
The District Representatives will be also helping to facilitate similar methods of communications in their districts, to ensure that the community remains informed," he related.

Premier Smith stated that in order to communicate and get the various messages out, the government has also been speaking with radio stations in neighboring islands such as St. Croix and Nevis, as well as using the internet with Facebook and other social media.

“Communication has been a problem, because initially all of the providers were down, but some of the providers are coming back on."

He said, "Digicel has been able to provide communications in certain areas; there is a hotspot for Flow near their office, and CCT is now coming back on."
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