Complaints About Getting Aid In

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September 12, 2017 7:00 am AST
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There have been some concerns about getting supplies into the BVI, by organizations and individuals, who have round up items to donate.

However, the Department of Disaster Management (DDM) is reminding persons to follow the procedure.

"A big request if anyone in Tortola who is getting this video can you please get a message to someone in Government, for the BVI Governor Gus Jaspert or Orlando Smith, the Premier, or somebody else to give us the information in Puerto Rico on how do we get this aid in," Sam Branson, son of Sir Richard Branson lamented in an Instagram post.

He added, "At the moment aid is being refused to the BVI. It is a disgrace, it should not be refused, the people need this aid. We understand that there needs to be coordination...but we need information."

However, hours later, Branson posted that the word got out, and they were eventually able to get the aid into the BVI.

"I now know of 4 aid boats that have been cleared by DDM and either turned away at Port Purcell or told not to return with aid...I also know of a further 20 or so vessels landed with aid shipments, who have been waiting on the docks of St. Croix and Puerto Rico for 2 or more days, waiting to come in, held up only by the paper work," another concerned resident claimed in a post last evening, September 11.

Meanwhile, last evening, DDM stated that relief supplies continue to arrive in the Territory, noting that relief supplies are welcomed, but it is important that you email to, label the subject line as 'Relief Supplies/Donations', and indicate the following--what items are being sent; expected time of arrival of shipment; how it will be transported into the Territory; and the names of person(s) delivering supplies.

"I personally know of 3 boats full of recovery supplies and one aircraft full of medical supplies, who have followed the instructions given by DDM and the emergency center and were turned away at the port, and refused permission to land at EIS. The BVI authorities attempting to manage this situation are showing every sign of total incompetence," another resident claimed.

Concerns were also raised during a brief meeting with residents in the Purcell Estate community, that supplies are not reaching them.

Premier Hon. Dr. D. Orlando Smith has lauded the work of the DDM.

“Because of the preparedness we have had, we were able to get moving very quickly. So we were able to re-open shelters. We have shelter managers who have been managing them.”

He noted that they have to get as many volunteers to help as much as possible to manage with them.

"Those shelters are being provided with food, water and supplies. The supplies are initially going to come from the supermarkets in the Territory, but supplies are rapidly coming in from our friends overseas, whether it is from other Caribbean islands, or from America or British ship that is here," Premier Smith said.
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Cause Effect
I agree with each and every one of you previous bloggers to a point however, I have to say ask this; would you prefer in the aftermath to find out that a cache of weapons(guns) were able to come through into our islands camouflaged by AID? We already have a lot of weapons on the island, the commissioner of police alluded to the fact that there were persons wielding weapons at persons.So folks, before you turn to the media to vent think critically about what you are saying. PLEASE!!!!!!
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Come of your damn high horses, cut the politics, and bs, throw your pride through the door, this is definitely not the time for this crap our people are crying out for desperate help, plesse allow others to assist ( as you cannot at this time). Gosh man it sickens me as a bvi Islander away reading this. How on earth can you turn help away? At the Very moment I'm here relentlessly seeking aid to mobilize help for my homeland and honestly reading this just sickens me. use wisdom bvi come on man.
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Sabina Baldeo
I honestly dont understsnd through all this crisis we need to stop and think for paper work?? We are in the middle of people starving being dehydrared people with little kids. We have to stand by eachother and look out for everyone... we also need to make sure everyone on the island gets supplies and leaving others. Please people need help let them come in paper work can wait!!
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The Government should look in to this issue as its a serious issue where people desperately need food
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Please let the boats come in. Cut them some slack, they will still have issues returning to Puerto Rico. Give them a safe harbour to come to and make a public announcement that aid is welcome.
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My god, these people will never change! This is not the time to turn away any kind of help. Get off you all high horses. People are in need..
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