Update: Minors Charged In Scooter Theft At RT Station

Melissa Edwards, Senior Journalist | 3 Comments
August 20, 2017 9:29 pm AST
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Police have charged two of the teenagers who were caught stealing two scooters from the Road Town Police Station on Friday evening, August 18.

In a press release this afternoon, Monday, August 21, police stated that, close to midnight, five minors ranging from age 13 to 16 were arrested for removing two scooters from the Road Town Police Station compound through a small area adjoining the Althea Scatliffe Primary School fencing.

"Two of the minors have since been charged with theft."

According to police, annually, Royal Virgin Islands Police Force records an increase in reported theft during the summer months.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to ensure that youngsters are engaged in wholesome activities.

Premises should be searched regularly for any strange or unexplained items.

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Three juveniles took a bold move when they broke through the Althea Scatliffe Primary School compound, to gain entry into the Road Town Police Station, to steal two scooters on Friday night, August 18.

According to information reaching BVI Platinum News, the perpetrators removed the grill from the primary school fence, to gain access to the station. However, they were caught while trying to remove the seized scooters at the back of the station.

This is not the first time that persons have attempted to remove seized bikes from the Road Town Police Station. Back in 2009, two young men were arrested and charged for attempting to steal a motorbike. They had gained entry to the premises by cutting through the perimeter barrier in the back of the station's compound.

Also, there was the famous case involving four masked men, who were charged in connection with a daring early morning break-in at the Road Town Police Station back in November 2010.
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Theft? in a Police Station backyard? What did they think would happen????
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There needs to be some tough action taken on these young people.
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Simple they have no respect for law and order at all . A police station !!
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