Gov't Ministers Donate Over 50 Beds

Melissa Edwards, Senior Journalist | 7 Comments
August 11, 2017 7:42 am AST
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Some Government Members in the National Democratic Party (NDP), have reached out to residents affected by this week's flooding.

Hon. Mark Vanterpool, Minister of Communications and Works and Fourth District Representative, and Hon. Myron Walwyn, Education Minister and At-Large Representative, along with the other At-Large Representatives, donated over 50 beds to several persons affected by the flood.

The donation was done yesterday, August 10.

"We have distributed a number of beds today to those residents. Over the next couple of days, the Department of Disaster Management (DDM), Rotary, and Red Cross will be doing assessments for people who have needs for food, clothes, and appliances," Hon. Vanterpool said.

Some of the areas where beds were distributed include Long Bush, Purcell Estate, and Scatliffe Alley.

"The greatest need from my assessment from Tuesday and Wednesday, for the people who live in these houses, is beds...Over 50 beds that we have been able to help with today," he said.

Hon. Walwyn said that we have to all look out for each other in the Territory, disclosing that he also provided hotel rooms for some of those affected.

"We were able today to bring some level of comfort to persons in the low-lying areas of Road Town that experienced extreme flooding. The Hon. Mark Vanterpool and myself, along with the support of the other At-Large candidates, were able to provide beds for those persons who needed," he told BVI Platinum News.

The Minister added, "The aid to these persons will be ongoing until their lives are back to normal. I was also able to provide hotel rooms for families that were also hit hard by the flooding. I was very happy to be of some help to those affected."
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Clarification please
Are these funds their personal funds or the tax payers?
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it not for publicity I would appreciate them more. everything is politcs
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Donald trump
I think efforts like these should be organized through the releif agencies such as BVI Red cross, rotary,social development and DDM. Also shelters should have been activated to alleviate hotel stays. They are only looking for political milage and really some people who need never get releif and others gain twice from the system because politicians don't know their roles in time of disasters.
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Tell that to the persons who didn't have a bed to sleep on. You stay there playing bright because your bed was dry and nice. I swear that some of you people live on a different planet.
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You are correct about having relevant organizations coordinate. Let the organizations with the skills and know-how do their jobs. There should be no room for politics and self-worshippers!
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Tax payer
Setting the example guys
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One People
Grate Job Hon Vanterpool and Hon.Walwayn! Respect goes out to you both..
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