We Can't Jump Up & Persons Don't Have Bed To Sleep On--Walwyn

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August 10, 2017 1:29 pm AST
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Several visitors are leaving the Virgin Islands disappointed, after officials canceled the remainder of the festival activities. However, Culture Minister, Hon. Myron Walwyn said that health and safety comes first, and persons cannot be jumping up while there are others who cannot find a bed to sleep on.

"I empathize with those persons, and I really want to thank them very much for their continued interest in the cultural activities here, but health and safety must come first. And I also heard views from a number of other persons, that it wouldn’t look right really if we are out there jumping up while other people are in distress," Hon. Walwyn said.

Following the flooding caused by the tropical wave on Monday, the Virgin Islands Festivals and Fairs Committee,cancelled the remaining festival activities. Many in the community supported the decision, but there are others who have expressed differing views.

Minister Walwyn said he has not paid attention to the persons who have criticized the decision.

"Certainly they would not have gotten my attention with the festival, because when you have to walk around like myself being an At-Large representative, you see the devastation and the way that people have been affected; there are some people who don’t have a bed to sleep on."

The Minister added, "What we going to jump up for and people don’t have any bed to sleep on? We cannot do that sort of thing. So we have to prioritize as a country. I mean yes, there is a loss there for persons who might have made an investment."

Some who are disappointed with the cancellation include two revelers from the USA, who were part of a troupe.

"I am disappointed because I came from [USA] and paid over $1000 for my stuff. And I came all the way from [USA] to Tortola...It was a waste...No refund or anything...The money just gone down the drain..."

She added, "We hoped that they would have held a costume party or something...Plus we stayed at a hotel."

However, Hon. Walwyn said that the government also suffered losses.

"A loss as well on the government’s perspective because we expended monies as well to get persons here to perform. But we had to mobilize all our energies to be able to get our country back to normalcy. I do apologize to those persons, but this is the work of the Lord."
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Minister Walwyn, Stop minding the ignorance of people. It was a good thing that it was cancelled. I hope that we paying attention that God is warning us daily. Take heed. Take heed. Thank you Lord Jesus for sparing all our lives and even though we are "muddy" and flooded it could have been worse. Thank you Lord for sparing our lives.
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Like u didn't read what he said
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Imagine ... I ain't had much happened to me up here... and my feelings for Festival dropped..... Those who was beefing over festival being cancelled truly has no heart ...
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Samething i saying...people need help. Good one walwyn.
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Maybe if ayo had put aside emergency funds instead of spending millions on rubbish
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