Fraser Calls For Election Commission; Bashes Voter ID

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August 10, 2017 1:12 pm AST
Hon. Julian Fraser speaking at his town hall meeting. October 20th
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Hon. Julian Fraser is warning the National Democratic Party led government to focus on the major issues affecting Virgin Islands elections, rather than attempting to mask the community’s concern.

Hon. Fraser was at the time speaking during the last sitting of the House of Assembly, as the government proceeded to make an amendment to the Elections Act of 2017, which speaks to the introduction of Voter’s Registration Identification Cards.

To this, the member of the Third District said, “Sounds good, looks good, but makes no sense.”

Speaking in reference to the supervision of the election process, he said, “We need to get down to making some significant difference in the way we do business. No one individual should have this level of power in a process that is so important."

Hon. Fraser stated that this process is why himself and others continue to question the integrity of the Virgin Islands voter system.

“People always question what happens to ballots. Are we at that level where we should be concerned about people tampering with out ballots? If that is the case, let us put mechanisms in place to ensure that these things don’t happen,” Hon. Fraser said, adding that the civil thing to do is to set up a commission, made up of several persons who are charged to supervise elections.

He then noted that determining who will be on this commission is the other step.

“I personally don’t like the idea of the Premier and the Leader of the Opposition nominating persons to be appointed by the Governor to be on this commission. You will have one amount here and another there.”

He also noted that election of these persons to the post would be controversial.

“Should they come through an election process, then you’ll have X amount of NDP candidates making up the election commission. Nobody should have easy access to it; it’s putting rat to mind cheese; they will be a bunch of crooks.

He stated that the Virgin Islands is in need of a commission that is made up of grown adults who will recognize the shortfalls of the BVI election process.

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do immigrants here legally know how to speak English? have drivers licenses? have passports? what kind of voter id is needed when a poor (legal) population can't pass voter regulations? are you keeping some from voting?.
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