Residents Flock For Post Flood Items

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August 09, 2017 7:19 pm AST
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Scores of people flocked People’s Shoes Stores on Fleming Street, Road Town today, August 9, to grab free footwear that were affected by the recent floods that affected the BVI over the past two days.

Video footage from today shows several persons gathered in front of the store, some grabbing pairs of shoes that were being removed from the store.

Some persons used umbrellas to shelter from the sun as they waited patiently for the footwear to be thrown from the store.

It is unclear how much money the store owners lost in the floods, but photos being circulated on social media show numerous pairs of shoes and sandals that were thrown out.

Many other businesses in Road Town were also affected by the heavy downpour, which lasted nearly 20 hours, starting on Monday.

The showers were associated with the passage of a Tropical Wave that affected the entire Territory.

Several roads in the Territory were badly damaged and many homes were also flooded by the rains.

The government has dispatched emergency teams to assist residents as it works to estimate the total value of the loss.

All emancipation festivities in the BVI have been cancelled.
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Shhhhhh a so dem be.
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Say it ain't so
How low class and hedonistic. Instead of rushing out to see about or assist neighbors, or contribute to the welfare of the country, here you have a bunch of selfish persons willing to endure the rigors of standing in the hot sun and wet grounds in order to benefit from other people's loss and misery. How ugly, selfish and un-bvi and unfamily-like.
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Why cancel..
We can end Festival with a bang Friday and Saturday night. Things happen.. Life goes on...
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