Update: CCTV Footage Links Ryan & Hanley To Murders

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July 28, 2017 3:21 pm AST
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The arrests of Shakila Hanley, 29, and Shakeel Ryan, 22, were as a result of evidence secured by the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, linking the two to the murders of David Springette and Shawn Richards.

As often deemed ‘golden’, in relation to key evidence in criminal cases, the local force acquired CCTV footage of the two, on both occasions, in the very areas where the murders occurred.

Both Hanley and Ryan, who are originally from St. Kitts and Nevis, made an appearance before the Magistrate’s Court today, July 31, in response to four charges in relation to the murders.

The two, along with Essadro Jefferson, were charged with conspiracy to murder David Springette, sometime between December 1, 2016 and June 22, 2017.

Jefferson is currently on remand at Her Majesty’s Prison for the charge of attempted murder. He too was scheduled to make an appearance at court today, but refused to appear.

Hanley and Ryan also face charges of conspiracy to murder Shawn Richards, murder of Shawn Richards in May 2017, and murder of David Springette in June 2017.

According to the allegations, disclosed by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Kim Hollis, QC, an action plan was concocted by the defendants, prior the deaths of both Richards and Springette.

On June 21, 2017, Springette was reportedly at Wayside Bar in East End, in view of everyone in the area. The court heard that surveillance footage, currently in police custody, shows both Hanley and Ryan, in the same area of Springette, on the evening he was shot.

Allegedly, the two went out with friends, and while walking to a bar, they were seen lagging at the back, until Ryan disappeared. Hanley was then seen walking alone, until she caught up with her friends.

Footage caught the gunman on camera, running from the area where Springette was shot, with a gun in hand.

Around the same time, the crown noted that Hanley, who was now at the bar with friends, got up and left, and was seen walking to the direction of her home in East End alone. Ryan was seen walking in the same direction a couple minutes after.

As it relates to the death of Richards, the crown stated that on the night of the incident, a silver Suzuki jeep, rented by Hanley, was seen cruising the area, and passed by directly where the accused was.

Immediately following Richards being shot, the gunman was captured on CCTV footage, running through Long Look and disappeared. At the same time he disappeared, the rental being driven by Hanley was seen driving off.

The crown told the court that it is their belief that Hanley acted as the watchman in both incidents.

Under police questioning, Hanley told officers that she was seen in the area because she went to her home to pick up a chain.

The crown stated that they do not believe the accused. The DPP noted, “She was there to scope out the area and returned to report the information is what we believe.”

The crown further noted that the characteristics to both murders are very similar; both happened in the open and on both occasions, the defendants were identified in CCTV footage.

DDP Hollis also disclosed that the same weapon was used in all three incidents of attempted murder and the two murders.

She noted that the two, in the case of Springette, finished what Jefferson had left off.

Both Hanley and Ryan were remanded to prison. The will make another appearance on September 6.

Previous Article Published June 28 - Two Charged With Murders Of Springette & Richards

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force has arrested and charged two persons, for the murders of David Springette and Shawn Richards, who were both killed earlier this year. The arrests were made earlier today, July 28.

Charged are Shakeel Ryan, 22, originally from St. Kitts and Nevis, and a Shakila Hanley, 29. Both reside in the Long Look village.

RVIPF also charged the duo with attempted murder in the case of David Springette.

David Springette was shot outside the Wayside Bar in Fat Hogs Bay on June 21. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Springette had survived two earlier attempts made on his life.

Richards' death was recorded on May 8, after being shot on May 6 outside his residence in Long Look.

In comments on the arrests, Commissioner of Police, Mr. Michael Matthews said he is grateful for the dedicated teamwork that went into making them possible.

“It is very difficult to resist the temptation to respond and defend the force when those in the community give commentary on its actions or inactions, particularly those who see murders solved in the hour span of a prime time TV show.”

He said, “However, compiling the evidence to bring perpetrators of gun crimes, in particular murderers to justice, takes a lot longer than an hour and requires a great deal more effort. Very few appreciate or understand the difference. In these types of investigations, unfortunately, the least said, the better for us. I am very proud of the work of the officers of the Major Crime Team in these cases. I personally get to see their drive and dedication in all the cases.”

Ryan and Hanley will remain in police custody, awaiting the next available court date.
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Thanks officers. DDP give it your all for We the people.
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Omg you really don't know who is who anymore. This is so uncool. Thumbs up to the RVIPF.
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This is bs. Read and think for yourself
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