Population Explosion: Fahie Questions Preventative Measures

Ahreefa Bacchus, Journalist | 7 Comments
October 10, 2018 9:29 am AST
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Opposition Leader, the Honourable Andrew Fahie is questioning how the Government intends to get those skilled expatriates who have come to work in the rebuilding efforts out of the British Virgin Islands (BVI), after they have served their purpose.

This question was raised in Tuesday’s sitting of the House of Assembly (HoA), during the debate of the Human Rights Commission Act 2018.

At the time, Hon. Fahie was stressing the need for a balance in the rights allocated by the Act—especially in addressing BVIslanders, whether by birth, belonger status or naturalisation, and skilled expatriate workers.

He reminded that 1710 skilled workers have been allowed in the Territory to help in the recovery efforts, relating that concerns are being raised by BVIslanders as to the how these persons will be made to leave after, so as to avoid the social ills that follow such a large influx.

“Belongers and indigenous—all of them are asking, how are we going to get these persons back out? It might sound harsh, but they came in for a specific purpose and we already have enough social problems. They have rights, but it was also a privilege and you don’t want to ill-treat anyone—that is wrong,” he stated.

He posited that this Act should not provide loopholes for these persons to remain in the Territory after executing the purpose of their entry.

Hon. Archibald Christian, Junior Minister of Tourism previously raised such concerns over a potential ‘population explosion’ and avoiding the housing issues and social ills that follow such occurrences.

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They came to work, mainly construction, and will do what skilled tradespeople always do, which is move on to the next job. Once oil prices go back up, many will go to the oil fields in Canada or North Dakota!
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Fahie I agree with you
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Don't renew their work permit or visa........easy!
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Lol@Population Explosion
Imagine how much money they earned at the Immigration and Labour Departments through these 1710 skilled workers alone - plus how many apartments were rented - how much money was spent in the supermarkets to feed these people. Are they comfortably sitused? Look at the pluses along with the negatives.
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I don't see that problem at all, they came live in groups in housing and safe up their money to send home, none of the one's I am dealing with have any intention of staying on. Looks to me like being just something thrown out there to get BVIlanders against off-island-people, something Trump would do.
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"after they have served their purpose"? Damn, that is a cold way to talk about human beings who are here helping us to rebuild.
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Caribbean Man
Fahie I am from St. Kitts originally but I agree with you. Our social services are strained in the BVI.
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