Youth Sailing Prog. Receives Donation

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August 01, 2018 7:16 am AST
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The Youth Sailing Programme in the BVI recently received a timely donation from Charter Yacht Society (CYS).

Janet Oliver, Executive Director, Charter Yacht Society, met with summer sailing camp participants and presented a cheque for the Youth Sailing Programme.

The CYS stated that it is committed to ensuring the passion and discipline of sailing is passed along to the next generation and every registrant from the Charter Yacht Show, held in November at Nanny Cay, whether they are a broker or crew, is a contributor.

Taking place just eight weeks after hurricane Irma, the 2017 show was significantly smaller than in recent years with just a third of the participants that they would normally expect, but all involved were determined to push on.

According to the Royal BVI Yacht Club, pulling together to make it happen resonates throughout the BVI and the RBVIYC is extremely grateful to the CYS for sharing their passion in investing in the young people, who are the future sailing stars and industry professionals.
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