Environmental Concerns Over Willy T

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May 12, 2018 9:09 am AST
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The government issued a statement late Friday afternoon, May 11 concerning the issues relating to the Willy T floating bar and restaurant.

Government in explaining the reasons behind its decision to boot Willy T from mooring at the Bight at Norman Island, said that, the seabed surrounding Norman Island is the property of the Crown.

It stated that, the Willy T has been moored at the Bight under an annual seabed licence which expired in February, 2018.

Further, since the earlier part of 2017, the Government of the Virgin Islands has been having discussions with the owners and operators of the Willy T about a number of environmental and other operational issues, and about new development plans for the area which would require the vessel to relocate.

Government said it has no objection to the continued operation of the business of the Willy T at an alternate location provided that all the necessary requirements for licensing, the mooring of the vessel, environmental protection, and the safe operation of the business are satisfied.
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Government In The Sunshine
This is Bull where ever they go it would have Environmental Concerns
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Proud BVIslander
first find out what the facts are, please.
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This is advantage....allow the man to stay there until the development starts
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Sea Bed Nonsense
If they going to move you...move. Norman Island is just more rich guys trying to take the BVI from the public. This is just like the 'no boats' lines blocking people from anchoring in Oil Nut Bay.
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