Core Flames At Cox Heath To Be Extinguished In 5 Days

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May 11, 2018 8:06 am AST
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The main flames following the fire at Cox Heath dump site will be put out within five days and after the removal of the debris, the waste site will be closed.

The dump at Cox Heath is one of the prime sites that the Territory has been using for hurricane debris after the September storms in 2017. But the site went up in flames on Wednesday afternoon, May 9 and while the fire has been contained, smoke is still emanating from the area raising health issues.

Deputy Governor, Mr David Archer Jr. in a statement on Thursday afternoon said that, a plan has been implemented to control and contain the fire.

“Fire officials have advised that we expect the core flames to be extinguished within 3 – 5 days. An update will be provided on the status of the area within one week,” he said.

He added, “We also discussed future plans of the site to be led by the Ministry of Health and Social Development to include removal of metals and remaining debris and the subsequent closure of the site.”

He said that health officials will continue to visit residents in the area to discuss any health-related concerns.

“All waste should now be taken to the Pockwood Pond facility and residents are reminded to refrain from dumping bulky waste in any unauthorized locations.”

Following the blaze, the BVI authorities reached out to neighboring USVI for assistance.

“I wish to thank the Premier for reaching out to Acting Governor Potter of the USVI and the Chief Fire Officer, Mr. Oral Wheatley and his team for their response to our call,” he said.

Archer Jr. thanked, Fire Chief, Mr. Zebalon McLean and his team for their commitment and dedication to containing this fire as well as the Ministry of Communications and Works, Public Works, Water and Sewerage, Ministry of Health and Social Development, Waste Management and BVI Airports Authority for their support and all others who provided support.

The Deputy Governor said that, the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) will remain under a Level 2 activation until we are satisfied that the risks have been significantly reduced.
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I have heard several west end residents have had to move because they are in the smoke path. They have health issues and it will take months if not years to measure the affect of toxic smoke on respiratory and immune issues- let alone particles in cisterns, the killing of valuable lizards, birds, fish and vegetation. West End in their zeal to clean has already removed vital mangroves from a fisheries protected area to Frenchmans Cay. Where are the experts? Where are the people in charge to help guide and oversee such issues? It shows a level of ignorance while people are getting sick. Why is it so hard to pump sea water to the fire site?
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The Deputer Governor’s comments are welcome but is anything really happening? I mean, I am glad the health officials are continuing to discuss the issues with affected residents but i haven’t seen anyone. So “continuing” seems a bit inaccurate. So for me, the reality is very different to what has been said.
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Got to be some great savings for the company contracted to get the garbage off island. Most of it gone now and is in St Thomas. Check please! Who is the beneficial owner of that company by the way.
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