BVI Strong--A Story of Resilience & Recovery

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January 11, 2018 9:56 am AST

An 18 minutes intriguing documentary was filmed and produced to help show the resilience of the people of the BVI, after Hurricane Irma ripped through the Territory in September last year, leaving 80 percent of businesses and homes damaged.

The documentary, which is filled with positives, also depicts the speedy road to recovery and encourages tourists to visit the Territory, which will help in rebuilding the economy.

“The goal for the documentary is to aid in the recovery of the British Virgin Islands, by showing the world the reality of what happened with Hurricane Irma, the progression of recovery and how they can be involved in rebuilding a stronger, smarter, greener, and better BVI,” said Kali Turner of Aerial Produced.

Photo Credit: Aerial Produced Video
Turner said that most people don’t realize what is even available in the BVI, “for them to come back to as residents or tourists, or that by coming back, they are helping to reignite the economy. This film shares the message that makes them confident in returning to the BVI.”

Turner noted that CNN will be airing a story on the documentary this week, while other international media will also be featuring it the coming days.

According to Turner, Aerial Produced filmed and produced this documentary.

"We utilize media to promote great causes. We have spent more than 40 days in BVI since Irma. We were there for Maria and we are in love with BVI, so to us, this is a great cause.
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