Digicel Donation Not Just For Irma Victims Without Insurance

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October 10, 2017 5:41 pm AST
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Premier Hon. Orlando D. Smith today, October 10, said building materials donated to the territory will not be reserved solely for hurricane victims who did not have insurance.

Telecommunications giant, Digicel today donated over $100,000 worth of building materials to the government to assist hurricane victims.

Since Hurricane Irma ravaged the BVI on September 6, persons have been putting pressure on the government to give special consideration to property owners without insurance when handing out relief supplies.

However, speaking at the official handover today, Premier Smith said hurricane victims without insurance are not the only ones who suffered severe loss.

“You have some people without insurance who are able to support themselves. But initially, we will obviously be looking to support people who are unable to support themselves and don’t have access to different amenities at this time. Some of them don’t have insurance, but it’s not just those without insurance.” the Premier stated.

He said the Ministry of Health and Social Services will partner with the Rotary Club to organise the distribution process and identify the most needy throughout the territory.

The building materials donated by Digicel include cement, steel, lumber, sand and gravel.

Digicel’s country manager, Kevin Gordon said they are pleased to support the BVI’s rebuilding process, stating that the company is willing to do whatever it can to help victims of Hurricanes Irma and Maria to rebuild.

Though no estimates have been provided, initial reports from BVI authorities show that Hurricane Irma affected some 80 percent of the BVI.

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