Free Building Materials For Homeowners Without Insurance--Digicel Pledges

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October 08, 2017 3:53 pm AST
Photo Credit: Digicel BVI
Digicel’s Chairman, Denis O’Brien, has committed to assist with the rebuilding efforts of the BVI with a visit on Monday, 2nd October, where he got a first-hand look at the Territory.

To back up this promise, the Chairman pledged assistance in the areas of education and financial services; and also promised to donate $100,000 worth of building materials for residents who lost their homes and are without insurance.

According to Digicel, O' Brien was keen to get a comprehensive tour, which was led by Kevin Gordon, CEO of Digicel BVI and Rob Mayo-Smith, Regional CEO, from the residential sections of the East End through to the business communities of Road Town, plus an aerial tour of the north coast and West End.

The Chairman’s intensive agenda covered a meeting with Premier Hon. Dr D. Orlando Smith, and Minister of Finance, as well as Broderick Penn, the Permanent Secretary. The meeting centered around Digicel and the Government’s alignment on key needs to be met to the benefit of the BVI economy.

A necessary intervention in the financial services sector was highlighted as the number one concern. To this end, Digicel will partner with the Government to prioritise a list of the key financial services industry leaders to be equipped with full communications solutions in the shortest possible time. Providing these front-runners with fast and reliable communications is crucial to them being able to return to the BVI and support the stabilising of the economy.

Mr. O’Brien then visited Hon. Myron Walwyn, Minister for Education and Culture, to discuss the urgent need to rebuild schools. The Chairman committed to this process with a pledge to support the reconstruction of the Althlea Scatliffe Primary School which Digicel adopted under the Virgin Islands’ ‘Adopt a School Programme’. It is hoped that Digicel’s contribution will act as a catalyst to motivate other members of the corporate sector to follow suit.

“It is a genuine pleasure to be a part of the reconstruction of the Mighty Scatliffe, we are committed to ensuring this noble institution is restored to its former glory,” said O’Brien. “We would like to assure the people of the BVI that we stand with them as we all make strides to build back better in the wake of Hurricane Irma.”

The Chairman then followed that meeting with a visit to Hon. Mark Vanterpool, Minister for Communications and Works, to update him on the network restoration and to learn about the Government’s plans to rebuild the BVI’s infrastructure.

Emerging from that meeting, Digicel has committed US$100,000 worth of building materials, to be distributed by the government, to persons who lost their homes and are without insurance coverage.
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