Efforts To Coordinate Relief Distribution

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September 13, 2017 10:18 am AST
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Officials have stated that disaster relief supplies are bountiful, but persons have been complaining that supplies, including water and food, are not reaching several areas.

First Lady, Mrs. Lorna Smith sought to address the concerns, stating that the distributions will be coordinated.

"A number of people have been asking about food distribution. Thankfully, there is no shortage of food. Here is what I understand--the Rotary family will be responsible for distribution to all shelters; DGN Delma and I will coordinate this with the family," wife of Premier Hon. Dr. D. Orlando Smith said.

She explained that in terms of other distribution, "my understanding is that beginning today, civil servants will be responsible for daily distribution."

She said, "This will be executed on the basis of location of residence, so that for example, if he or she lives in East End, that would be their area of responsibility."

She added, "...The question of criminals is being dealt with by the police, beefed up by the UK security forces."
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