We Have A Large Armed Capability--Top Cop

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September 12, 2017 9:06 am AST
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There are persons who have used this devastating time to engage in criminal activities; however, Commissioner of Police, Michael Matthews, has assured the community that more armed assistance are on the ground to help with security.

He said that security in the Territory has been bolstered with the presence of more than 300 Royal Marines, 50 Officers from the Metropolitan Police, and 12 armed Officers from the Cayman Islands.

The Commissioner said that there have been widespread looting and persons wielding firearms.

"We are boosting our security, and are getting out in the communities…I want to give that level of assurance to the community, we are on the ground 24/7. I have a very big armed capability here now, because we are well aware that there are criminals roaming, who have been looting, and that firearms have been prevalent throughout the Territory," the Top Cop lamented.

The Commissioner stated that they have been making arrests and seizing firearms.

"As you know, we will deal robustly with people who we have identified; even though we haven’t arrested them at the moment, we have identified people who have been involved in looting."

Matthews stressed that one of the major issue is break down of communications, forcing persons to scratch for information. To this end, he disclosed that they have been able to recapture some of the prisoners who escaped during the passage of the storm.

As reported earlier, some 120 prisoners escaped from Her Majesty's Prison.

"What is accurate is that yes, we have had looting, but we have made arrests. Yes, we have had escaped prisoners, but we have also captured some."

He said that it is "pretty safe", pointing out that the reason for the 6.00 pm to 9.00 am curfew is to allow for the recovering, to get essential work done.

The Top Cop also commended his officers.

"I am so proud of the officers. I have got officers who lost everything, who are still returning for duty and providing that policing service. They got no homes to go back to, they are sleeping rough on the floor at the police station, but you know that is what policing is all about," stated Matthews, who also lost his home.

In relation to the Sister Islands, he indicated that they have officers on those islands. He said that a police officer has remained on Jost Van Dyke. However, they are looking to have Royal Marines on the Islands.
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My Goodness
How about getting some out into small neighborhhoods? My home looted by neighbors before I could get back to it!!
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Tetla Collins
God be with you all officers trying to do your job with all your heart asking God to give you the strength to get ahead in doing so be bless y'all
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