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August 15, 2017 9:58 am AST
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The Territory has approximately 30 hurricane shelters, yet some of the residents that were displaced as a result of the August 7th downpour, are not very keen on staying at even one of those facilities.

The 17 inches of rainfall resulted in heavy flooding that dumped mud in many houses. As a result, some families did not have a place to sleep, as even their mattresses were destroyed.

However, as bad as things were, some residents rejected suggestions of sleeping in shelters. This decision by affected residents to decline accommodation at the shelters was mentioned by Director of the BVI Red Cross, Helen Frett.

In relating the views of the residents, Frett announced at a press conference on August 11, “Persons don’t want to go to the shelters.”

During that press conference, organized by the Rotary Clubs of the BVI, it was noted that the reasons why the residents are avoiding the shelters vary. It was explained that most common is concern that they may lose the remaining possessions in their affected homes.

In encouraging residents to seek refuge at the closest shelter, Monique Peters, President of the Rotary Club Sunrise said, “Property can be rebuilt, lives cannot. If a life is lost because you stay in a home, for example, that has already been destroyed partially, you need to find assistance. We have shelters here in the BVI and therefore these are places that persons can go in the event that there is further destruction.”

Peters further added, “We need to use our common sense. We see the devastation that we have already here. If in fact we are hit by another wave or tropical storm, it is incumbent on persons who look around them and can probably see that this is not a safe place to be, that my home might suffer further damage, that my building might suffer further damage, that they get out.”

It was announced that assessments as to the numbers affected are still being carried out. However, the BVI Red Cross indicated that at least 23 persons between Purcell and Huntums Ghut have been badly affected by the flooding and mud dump.
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