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August 10, 2017 7:17 am AST
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Premier of the Territory, Hon. Dr. D. Orlando Smith continues to encourage persons to band together and lend a helping hand, in efforts of a speedy recovery to business places, homes and the Territory as a whole.

Premier Smith’s message comes as the Territory recovers from the Tropical Wave on Monday, August 7, that brought heavy wind, rains and thunderstorms.

As a result, the Territory saw significant damages to its roads, buildings, and homes.

As the Territory is now involved in its clean-up phase, Premier Smith provided an update of the efforts, and the extent of the damages recorded following assessments.

“Our assessments thus far indicate that while the entire Territory experienced heavy rains, most of the damage is concentrated on Tortola. An initial assessment has shown significant damage to the road network on Tortola, as well as interruption of the water distribution system. Schools throughout Tortola have also sustained damage.”

Thus far, power has been restored to most areas throughout the Territory, while the BVI Electricity Corporation (BVIEC) continues to work to ensure that power is restored to the entire Territory.

In light of this, the company is focusing on areas where poles have fallen.

As for the Water and Sewerage Department (WSD), the Premier stated that the Territory’s water network is still being assessed, but added however, that water distribution is being monitored closely.

“This will ensure that compromised areas of the network are remedied, thereby allowing only potable water to be distributed to our customers. This is important to ensure clean and safe reliable supply. Restoration work is already at an advanced stage and the water supply is expected to be back to normal by tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, persons are still being encouraged to limit using their vehicles on the road, as efforts are still being undertaken by the Public Works Department to clear the roadways.

The community is also being called upon to assist with those who suffered great damages to their homes.

“I encourage more of our people to lend a helping hand to those who suffered loss, whether through buying groceries or helping those who lost much of their household goods to get replacements.”

He said, “We are all grateful to God that no lives were lost. As a resilient people, we have been working together non-stop to mitigate the effects of this storm.”

The Department of Disaster Management also received much praise from the Premier, for their quick turnaround and action plan.

“I wish to thank the Department of Disaster Management (DDM) for their efforts. As we have seen last month and again on Monday, it does not take a named system to create havoc. I therefore encourage us not to take the weather warning lightly, as the effects can be just as devastating and have significant impact on our development.”

Persons are encourage to remain vigilant on weather conditions.

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How they going send us to work then say "Meanwhile, persons are still being encouraged to limit using their vehicles on the road, as efforts are still being undertaken by the Public Works Department to clear the roadways." THAT MAKE ANY SENSE???!!!!!
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