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August 09, 2017 1:44 pm AST
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Persons of the community, who weren't terribly affected by the recent Tropical Wave, are stepping up to assist individuals who lost clothes, furniture, and even their homes.

Many homes, buildings and properties around the British Virgin Islands were ravaged, as result of the great wind, rains and thunderstorms experienced for close to 20 hours straight. This was as a result of the Tropical Wave that passed late Monday, August 7, into early August 8.

Many persons took to social media to do their part, in assembling much needed items, to distribute around the community.

One charge, which is being led by Kate Purdy, attracted many responses and donations, ranging from clean clothes, furniture and food.

Speaking with BVI Platinum News, Purdy said her efforts are as a result of realizing the needs of persons in her community after the devastation.

"I believe that people really want to reach out somehow, but don't know where best they can be useful. If we can match people in need with those who are willing to help them, that's good for everyone."

She added, "The community is vital at times like this. We are fortunate to live in a place where we are all so connected."

Persons have also donated their time to assist persons with their efforts in cleaning and restoring their properties.

Similar efforts are also being carried out by the local Red Cross branch.

According to Ms. Sharleen Dabreo of the Department of Disaster Management, who works in conjunction with Red Cross in times of crisis, an assessment is currently underway to list the needs of persons of the community.

Persons willing to donate items or their time, are encouraged to contact the BVI Red Cross.

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