They Don’t Have A Plan—Walwyn Rejects Gutter Politics

Melissa Edwards, Senior Journalist
February 10, 2019 3:08 pm AST
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The opposition Virgin Islands Party’s (VIP) main focus is to run a dirty campaign with no real economic plan on how to take the Territory forward. This charge was made by Hon. Myron Walwyn, Chairman of the incumbent National Democratic Party (NDP).

“Night after night, you have heard team NDP speak to you about how we are going to make life better for you the people of this country. Night after night, I have heard nothing more than distractions, distortions and plain out untruthful WhatsApp messages from a team that has no real plans,” Hon. Walwyn said while speaking in Parham Town last evening, February 9.

“Their plan is to win the government by any means necessary but it is clear to all and sundry that they have no plan of how to govern,” he said.

A few weeks ago, leader of the VIP, Hon. Andrew Fahie said that, the party will be rolling out its economic plan soon.

Walwyn said that he is not going to get in the gutter with the VIP.

“Some persons have said that I have been soft in responding to the nonsense which have been polluting our political space. I have said to them that we have hopes for a better way of politics and do not wish to join anyone in the practice of politics in the gutter.”

“The gutter is not our home. It is not a place where we feel comfortable and it is not a place where you the good people of the Virgin Islands should feel comfortable either. The last time I checked the bottom of the gutter was green. My color is one of strength, determination and love. Our color is red and the gutter is not for me,” he said.

He said going dirty will not improve the quality of life for the people, “Let us endeavor to do right by our seniors and other citizens, to present our case to them, in a decent and proper way, and trust them to make the right decisions when they go to the polls.”

The NDP chairman then spoke to a number of areas that the new NDP under his leadership intends to do to improve the lives of residents.

Hon. Walwyn said that, a key opportunity that they will be looking to tackle during their next term in office is addressing the infrastructural requirements for them to build a modern Virgin Islands post hurricane Irma.

“Our recovery plan speaks not only to bringing back the Territory to its pre-Irma condition, but also speaks about developing our electrical infrastructure and continuing the work of placing our electrical lines underground. So, God-forbid there’s another hurricane like Irma, our electrical infrastructure would be built to withstand such heavy winds,” he stated.

Hon. Walwyn mentioned plans for the financial services sector, tourism sector, telecommunications, water, electricity, sewerage and airlift among other areas.

He reminded persons that, Premier Dr D. Orlando Smith was able to secure a $400M loan guarantee from the British government following which the government formed the Recovery and Development Agency, which has the responsibility of implementing the recovery and development plan.

Hon. Walwyn said that, the recovery and development plan is a road map for the new BVI that was done by the NDP government.

“Once that loan funding is accessed the new Government just has to pick this plan up, that was done by the NDP and get on with the work of building the infrastructure of the country. You would not find a big infrastructure plan in the manifesto of any party seeking office in the 2019 general elections, this is because it was already done by the NDP government.”

“But I put it to you tonight, that the best team to execute this plan is the team that made the plan. That team is the National Democratic Party team,” he said.

He asked persons to read the party’s manifesto to view the break down of how they intend to grow the economy.

“In this season of talk, be aware of people who promise you that they can make you a millionaire but cannot provide a plan, or do not have a track record of really getting anything of consequence done,” he said.

He added, “ I do not have promises of making each person in the Virgin Islands a millionaire, but I can promise you that this new NDP government will create an environment where our people once they have the will and the drive can succeed.”
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