“Don’t Be Ungrateful!”

Ahreefa Bacchus, Journalist
February 10, 2019 12:56 pm AST
Photo Credit: BVI Platinum News
General Elections in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) are two weeks away, and as the day draws nearer, the campaign trail is getting more heated.

Last night, February 9, incumbent District Three Representative, who is seeking re-election, Hon. Julian Fraser told his Third District constituents not to be ungrateful to him when voting.

Hon. Fraser has held the seat for 20 years, after being elected on the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) ticket, however, this year he is leading his own party—Progressives United (PU)—forward in the election.

“I have been working for you. I will continue to work for you if you let me; don’t be ungrateful,” he told residents of the Third District.

He continued by saying, “There isn’t anything that anyone has done for their district that I haven’t done for mine. No matter how they try to hold me down, they can’t hold me down for long.”

He highlighted some of his work, such as improved, paved roads and his efforts in developing the Ellis Thomas Downs prior to the racetrack being devastated by Hurricane Irma.

Turning to his opponents, Hon. Fraser lashed out at their perceived inability to serve.

He also took the opportunity to address the National Democratic Party’s (NDP) candidate, Aaron Parillon, who took jabs at him during an NDP rally.

Referring to Hon. Fraser, Parillon had spoken of his own dedication towards looking out for the Third District constituents after Hurricane Irma, saying, “I looked for my people. I secured my people. I wasn’t driving around in any Jeep Wranglers.”

Responding to that statement last night, the incumbent representative said, “To my good NDP friend, he left the territory shortly after Irma, then had the nerve to say he didn’t see me because I was running around in a Wrangler while he was walking the streets. Two lies; you couldn’t walk the streets if you weren’t here.”

He also alleged that after Irma, neither of his two Wrangler Jeeps was operable.

With regards to the VIP candidate, Mrs. Arlene Smith-Thompson, he said, “Now, my Virgin Islands Party friend…now this is a person I’m sure you don’t know who they are, do you?”

According to Hon. Fraser, after Irma, he issued a call to persons in the district to come to the community center and assist with food distribution. “Where were you?” he questioned.

“You coulda come help us distribute food when the people needed you. They don’t need you now. That’s when they needed you. I was the guy on the ground, I was the guy in a swamp up in that community center; a leaky roof, a flooded floor on pallets distributing food,” he stressed.

“Neither of them can be trusted in the Third District. None of them can be trusted in the Third District,” he reiterated.
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