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February 08, 2019 3:36 pm AST
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As a gesture of support for Registered Nurse and local author, Mrs. Norma Benjamin, Nagico Insurances recently donated a dozen of her recently published book, “Nursing In The Virgin Islands: A Historical Perspective (1920-2017)” to the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC).

The book chronicles the challenges and successes of the nursing sector over the past 90 years and was written with the aim of ensuring the history of the medical profession in the Virgin Islands is documented and accessible, as well as to inspire young local persons to enter the profession.

In a press statement, the insurance company said, “Nagico Insurances decided to make the donation of the books as a form of support for the work of Mrs. Benjamin, who spent some 33 years with the BVI Health Services Authority (BVIHSA), and to ensure that the history of the medical profession of the Virgin Islands as portrayed in the book would be accessible to the young minds during their time at HLSCC.”

The new author is on record as saying that her work also speaks about including the introduction of immunization and mental health programmes, and the establishment of the Nurses Association.

She is hoping to continue on her path of a writing career, and expressed gratitude to Nagico Insurances for their support.

“I really thank Nagico for making sure that history gets out there because to me it’s another part of our history that was being lost and that is what really inspired me. I felt lots of persons who knew about what took place were dying and information was being lost,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Director of Grants Planning and Fundraising at HLSCC, Ms. Yvonne Crabbe expressed her appreciation for the donation, saying,“We are grateful for the consideration that you thought of HLSCC. Nagico generally has been very supportive of the college over the years and we really appreciate and hope to continue that mutual beneficial relationship with Nagico.”

She pointed out that back in December, Nagico Insurances was a main sponsor of the college’s fundraiser, dubbed ‘Jam for a Cause’.

According to the press release, Nagico’s Manager of Medical and Customer Service Departments, Mrs. Niasha Benjamin stated that the company is pleased to support “the publishing of such a book that documents the history of the nursing profession in the Virgin Islands. It is a treasure of a book and we trust that persons will read and appreciate the work of Mrs. Benjamin and be inspired.”

Persons wishing to purchase the book can do so at Pusser’s Store in Road Town, Island Services, Little Denmark, and online at as well as
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