Wall Still Intact

Javon Liburd, Staff Reporter | August 11, 2017 2:09 pm MDT
Photo Credit: Javon Liburd/BVI Platinum News
The newly built perimeter wall on the eastern end of the Elmore Stout High School (ESHS) is still intact, despite massive flooding of the adjacent ghut, due to the passage of a tropical wave earlier this week.

Education Minister, Hon. Myron Walwyn explained to BVI Platinum News that although the school suffered great damage this week, the newly built wall was able to limit the amount of damage that could have been sustained. He noted that it could’ve been worse, if the wall was not replaced.

The school saw a great deal of equipment, furniture and classrooms being damaged, after a portion of the school wall collapsed.

The Minister told BVI Platinum News that the portion of the wall that gave way was one that was constructed a very long time ago.

“The section of the ESHS wall that came down was an old portion that was built many moons ago, across by the area of the ghut. The new wall that was recently built was joined to that old portion.”

He continued, “I understand that it is being said that portions of the new wall came down. This is absolutely false and I ask the persons who are peddling this to use their energies to help us to get our community back in order rather than spreading false rumors.”

This is the time for the community to band together in restoring the look of the wider community, Minister Walwyn said.

“Now is not the time to gain cheap political points. I find this to be very reprehensible. Now is the time for unity towards the one goal of restoring our islands to the standard that we enjoyed prior to the storm.”

Principal of the school, Ms. Sandy Underhill also spoke to the strength of the new wall, highlighting that it was indeed the old structure that gave way.

In similar comments as the Minister, she further noted that thanks to the new structure, the school was not exposed to as much damage as it could have been.

“The new wall was not complete due to financial constraints. The old wall was joined with reinforcements to the new wall and that area of the wall was damaged by the water from the gut.”

She said, “The new wall protected the school from additional damage. The areas of the new wall that is barring the school from the ghut was untouched.”