$$ Washed Away

Melissa Edwards, Senior Journalist | August 10, 2017 4:50 pm MDT
Photo Credit: Two Of Us Photography/Burton Smith
Monday's flooding has resulted in a major setback for one of the government's vital projects - the $1.5M Brandywine Bay Beach Development Project, destroying the works already done, which was scheduled to be completed later this year.

A visit to the project, showed that sand and other land fill products were leveled by flood waters and washed into the sea.

It is unclear at this time how much money has been lost due to the damage as officials continue to assess the situation around the island.

Ironically, last month, Deputy Premier and Minister of Natural Resources and Labour, Hon. Dr Kedrick Pickering, warned that they need to take climate change seriously. To this end, he gave a scenario with the Brandywine Bay beach project, which could result in government losing millions.

"I could make a suggestion to you right away; with all the work that we have done on the beach at Brandywine Bay, the destruction of the pond over the years now puts the beach that close to destroying all of the hard work that we have done," Dr. Pickering said on July 17.

"So I can see a project sitting there, waiting for the restoration of the pond in that area, if we are going to realise the benefits of the developments that we envisioned for Brandywine Bay."

The project includes the construction of a pavilion (vendor booths) for food vendors and other vendors selling items of interest to tourists and visitors alike; and utility hut to house the control for the electrical and water infrastructure.

Photo Credit: Two Of Us Photography/Burton Smith
It will also include revitalized restrooms; bus loading area for the unloading and reloading of passengers; and kiosks along the length of the beach for shade.

Dr. Pickering, previously indicated that they have finished most of the work under the first phase, which was to widen the beach, to help remove most of the silt that was at the bottom of the beach. This, he said, made the beach non-functional.

In relation to the second phase, Dr. Pickering said that this includes the installation of concession stands and a walkway.
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