Investors & Medics Industrial Softball Champs

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Published: June 27, 2017 1:58 pm AST
SSB, Investors. 2017 winners of Division A, Industrial Softball League
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Softball teams made up of staff from the Social Security Board (SSB) and the BVI Health Services Authority (BVIHSA), walked away with championship titles in this years, 2017 Industrial Softball League, organized by the Department of Youth and Sports.

The teams dominated their games played in the final leg of the league earlier this month.

The team from BVIHSA dubbed Medics, went up against a team from the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) for the Division B Title.

The game ended with Medics securing 9 runs, 4 hits, 5 errors and left with 5 runners on the base, while DMV managed to make 5 runs, 4 hits with 7 errors and leaving 5 runners on base.

In Division A, SSB- Investors, went up against last year’s winners, Rookies, a team made up of persons in the department's after school program.

Investors ended their game with 4 runs, 5 hits and left 5 runners on base. The team had no errors. Rookies secured 2 runs, 7 hits, 3 errors and left 5 runners on base.

The league began earlier in April with a total of 14 teams from both public and private organizations.

Director for the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, Mrs. Brenda Lettsome-Tye, said the league was held as a part of the department’s mission to develop recreational spaces and opportunities for leisure and competitive sport.

“As the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, it is our role to use sports as a tool for national development and to foster wider community involvement. We are happy to see so many teams registered and look forward to an exciting event,” she said at the opening ceremony in April.

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